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North London Breast Screening Programme
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Who we screen

Women aged 50 - 70

All women between 50 and 70 years who are registered with a GP are eligible for screening. A list is compiled from GP records, so it is important to make sure your details are correct.

The invitation is sent out automatically, so there is no need to phone and make your own appointment. All women will receive their first invitation for a mammogram sometime between their 50th and 53rd birthdays.

We invite doctor’s practices for screening in turn, so women will not necessarily get their invitation in the year that they turn 50. As long as you are registered with a GP, you will receive an invitation before your 53rd birthday.

Women aged 47-49

We are now inviting some women in the 47 to 49 year age range. If you are not invited as part of this pilot, then you will receive an invitation for screening in three years.

Women over 70

We are now inviting some women in the 71 to 73 year age range. If you are not invited as part of this pilot and you have not been screened for three years, then you can still make your own appointment by contacting the breast screening service.

Please remember that anyone of any age with concerns about their breasts should contact their GP immediately.    

Step-by-Step Guide

step by step guide

Understand what's involved in having a breast x-ray (mammogram).

Download the guide (multilingual)

About Breast Screening

What is a Mammography

Breast Screening (Mammography) is an x-ray examination of the breasts and is a method of finding breast cancer at a very early stage.

Learn more about screening

Where We Screen

Where do we screen

We screen at various convenient places across North London.

Find out where we screen

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